Precursor delivery systems

Best in class precursor delivery

CHEM’BOT’s are state of the art liquid chemical delivery systems. CHEM’BOT supplies precursor chemicals to bubblers or vaporizers, direct liquid injections or on-board buffer containers.

More than a decade of experience ensures ultra-high purity liquid supply - safely and with the SEMPA quality promise. All of our systems have a proven and deliberate control unit. A PLC facilitates easy monitoring and process steering. The user interface is intuitive and clear for safe handling. CHEM’BOT is suitable to supply to single and multiple points-of-use making it the perfect choice for lab or fab.

CHEM‘BOT is available in three basic versions meeting different process needs and budgets. The System can furthermore be adapted very precisely to your requirements through a variety of available options.








SMART cabinets offer a cost-effective solution at prime quality standards, realizing best in class CoO (Cost of Ownership). The construction is optimized for economic efficiency without making any compromise to safety nor quality.


A professional dual container liquid delivery system for uninterrupted supply. With advanced controls, process monitoring functionality and better connectivity our PRO Series offers more possibilities for process optimization and control, hence it is the right choice for any production application.


EXPERT is our high-end flagship system meeting all requirements of nowadays 24/7 high tech production fabs. It features a buffer tank for seamless supply and advanced connectivity to integrate your CHEM’BOT into your fab monitoring system.

The high quality product is a guarantee for maximum reliability and uptime. EXPERT stands for the utmost in liquid delivery technology and production equipment.

CHEM’BOT options

Many additional features have been pre-engineered which makes it easy customizing your CHEM’BOT to your specific requirements.

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