Precursor delivery systems


Best in class precursor delivery

CHEM’BOT’s are state of the art liquid chemical delivery systems. CHEM’BOT supplies precursor chemicals to bubblers or vaporizers, direct liquid injections or on-board buffer tank.

More than a decade of experience ensures ultra-high purity liquid supply - safely and with the SEMPA quality promise. All of our systems have a proven and deliberate control unit. A PLC facilitates easy monitoring and process steering. The user interface is intuitive and clear for safe handling. CHEM’BOT is suitable to supply to single and multiple points-of-use making it the perfect choice for lab or fab.

CHEM‘BOT is available in three basic versions (SMART, PRO, EXPERT) meeting different process needs and budgets. The System can furthermore be adapted very precisely to your requirements through a variety of available options.


General Features

CHEM'BOT is designed and built to the highest quality standards to meet the high demands of our customers.  Primarily built for the requirements of the semiconductor industry, CHEM'BOT is also suitable for many other industries and applications.


Ultra high purity components

Easy to maintain

Highest safety


Fully automated

Leak protection

Redundant design

SMART FeaturesPRO FeaturesEXPERT Features
  • Automated liquid precursor feed system
  • Safe supply of dangerous (toxic or pyrophoric) precursor chemicals
  • Used in all CVD, ALD processes
  • Cost optimized design
  • Fully automated dual supply vessel design
  • Safest setup for energetic and toxic precursor substances
  • Uninterrupted supply by automated switch over
  • Production oriented system design
  • Fully automated design with buffer tank for seamless precursor feed
  • Build according SEMI S2 standards
  • Dead space optimized design with highest redundancy
  • Designed for high demanding semiconductor fab operation

Tailored to each chemical and requirement

CHEM'BOT family covers all common containers. No matter whether a small container or several hundred liter BULK vessels. CHEM'BOT can be tailored to your chemistry, consumption and  process.

Our system operates with many materials: 

DEZn, TMAl, TMGa, TBAs, TPB, TEB, DADI, HMDSO, HCDS, TCS, TEOS, SO2, TEMAHf, TDMATi, TDMASn, M-DEOS, DEMS, OMCTS, BCHD, DIPAS, BDEAS, BTBAS, TiCl4, Hexane, Pyridine, ZAC, CpZr  and many more including low volatile monomers and organic precursors

Fire Protection - Leak Containment and Abatement System (LCAS)


Energetic materials like pyrophorics such as Trimethylaluminum (and most other metal organics) used in numerous processes. However, pyrophoric substances do spontaneously ignite on air, hence carry an intrinsically huge risk for fire and potentially dangerous situation while they are used. There have been already too many even fatal incidents in the electronics industry using such precursor materials. CHEM’BOT LCAS is a state of the art Chemical Delivery System including a Leak Containment and Abatement System (LCAS). CHEM’BOT LCAS stands for the utmost in safety and reliability in semiconductor metal organic delivery systems.

LCAS is a self-contained safety control system, which can be added on to CHEM’BOT or VAPOR’BOT. LCAS monitors and controls the environment within the CHEM’BOT. In the event of a liquid or vapor leak, LCAS will contain and abate any leaked pyrophoric metal organics without fire, damage, or particle contamination to the fab. LCAS provides maximum risk mitigation and protects against disruption to production.

LCAS has been developed by our partners at Basis Solutions LLC.


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