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Enabling next generation devices

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Enabling next generation devices

Novel innovative nanotech devices are constantly requiring new materials to build up the semiconducting structures or metallization. Thus more and more novel precursors are required meeting the requirement of the newly developed processes. Mostly such processes require the precursors to be delivered in the gas phase. However, in many cases such novel precursors are rather complex having properties which makes the evaporation a challenge. Precursors with very low vapor pressures require high temperature evaporation in order to get sufficient precursor vapor into the gas phase. The continued surge, however, for higher performing materials with minimal dimensions drives researcher deeper into the periodic table testing constantly new rare earth and transition metal oxide combinations.

Modern semicondutor device structures (@pixabay)

Thus, processes utilizing titanium, hafnium or heavy organic materials are finding more and more areas of application. Advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes require for such materials an efficient transport form the transport vessel via complex systems piping, gas distribution, metrology to point of use. These gases or vapors must be kept at an elevated temperature to prevent condensation, which could lead to parasitic particulate generation within the system resulting in clogging, hence unwanted downtime.

VAPOR’BOT and SEMPA’s piping grid specialists overcome any such challenges, hence enabling new materials and processes.

Our R&D activities constantly strive to shift the boundaries of the possible further. Please check out our current Reaserch & Development activities or join our innovative team.

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