Safety Equipment

for highly pressurized dangerous gases

It is our daily business dealing with dangerous substances. Those can be toxic, explosive and pyrophoric gases and chemicals. Therefore safety is the primary focus on our activities. This starts from design of our systems, through operating procedures till customer training. Therefore we are offering dedicated and unique safety solutions for various applications.

For highly pressurized dangerous gases

ECS1 is an automatic mechanical shut-off system. Dangerous, flammable or toxic gases are applied in numerous industrial processes. ECS1 is a highly efficient method of switching off dangerous gases directly at the source in emergency situations. It is designed to prevent gas explosion and gas poisoning caused by leakage of highly pressurized gases.

Fire Protection - Liquid Containment and Abatement System (LCAS)


Energetic materials like pyrophorics such as Trimethylaluminum (and most other metal organics) used in numerous processes. However, pyrophoric substances do spontaneously ignite on air, hence carry an intrinsically huge risk for fire and potentially dangerous situation while they are used. There have been already too many even fatal incidents in the electronics industry using such precursor materials. CHEM’BOT LCAS is a state of the art Chemical Delivery System including a Leak Containment and Abatement System (LCAS). CHEM’BOT LCAS stands for the utmost in safety and reliability in semiconductor metal organic delivery systems.

LCAS is a self-contained safety control system, which can be added on to CHEM’BOT or VAPOR’BOT. LCAS monitors and controls the environment within the CHEM’BOT. In the event of a liquid or vapor leak, LCAS will contain and abate any leaked pyrophoric metal organics without fire, damage, or particle contamination to the fab. LCAS provides maximum risk mitigation and protects against disruption to production.

LCAS has been developed by our partners at Basis Solutions LLC.


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