Measurement Technology

Enabling ultra-high barrier measurements

SEMPA LAB is constantly striving for new inventions and solutions for our customers. Our R&D activities and JDP’s (Joint Development Programs) with renowned national and international cooperation partners are also looking into advanced measurement technologies which are required for nowadays high end manufacturing processes. The main focus has been on transfer rates of permeates through barrier materials and certain sensing technology.

Enabling ultra-high barrier measurements

HiBarSens® measures water vapor transfer rates through barrier materials. Beyond mechanical protection, packaging material for food and pharmaceuticals have another important further function: They have to protect the products against atmospheric gases. Especially water vapor and oxygen are critical to the quality of these products. Novel flexible optoelectronic devices such as OLED’s and organic solar cells require barrier properties which are in the range of (WVTR) < 10-6 g[H2O] m-2 d-1.

HiBarSens® is meeting those requirements from research and industry to measure WVTR down to this range.

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