Reliable and efficient evaporation solution.


Innovative, Reliable and efficient evaporation solutions


Precursor evaporation is required for all gas phase processes, like CVD, ALD or EPI. SEMPA has been developing VAPOR’BOT to address this broad range of applications.

The evaporation technologies applied range from vaporizers over bubbler systems towards advanced direct liquid injection (DLI) units. Whether you require extremely high evaporation rates, ultra-stable concentrations or highest flexibility in flow rates, you will find your solutions within the VAPOR’BOT family of products.

VAPO‘BOT is available in three basic versions (SMART, PRO, EXPERT) meeting different process needs and budgets. The system can also be adjusted very precisely to your requirements through a variety of available optional features.




General Features

SMART FeaturesPRO FeaturesEXPERT Features
  • Automated bubbler based evaporation system
  • Safe evaporation of dangerous (toxic or pyrophoric) precursor chemicals
  • Used in all CVD, ALD processes
  • Cost optimized design
  • Fully automated system design
  • Safest setup for energetic and toxic precursor substances
  • Uninterrupted supply by automated refill of vaporizer
  • Production oriented system design
  • Fully automated Direct Liquid Injection System
  • Direct Vapor generation for highest throughput
  • Used where bubbler bases systems reach it’s limits
  • Central precursor vapor fab supply to multiple points of use

Configure your VAPOR'BOT

Many options are available to adapt the system exactly to your application or the specific requirements of the precursor.  

 Unsurpassed SafetyPrecursor specific Solutions

  • SEMI S2 certification
  • Design according to ATEX where applicable
  • Coax tubing and monitoring 
  • LCAS (Liquid Containment and Abatement System) for pyrophoric metalorganics
  • Vessel, panel, trace heating and cooling
  • High alloy steel design for corrosive precursors
  • Concentration measurement
  • Solid precursor solutions
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