Reliable and efficient evaporation solution.

Innovative, Reliable and efficient evaporation solutions


Precursor evaporation is required for all gas phase processes, like CVD, ALD or EPI. SEMPA has been developing VAPOR’BOT to address this broad range of applications.

The evaporation technologies applied range from vaporizers over bubbler systems towards advanced direct liquid injection (DLI) units. Whether you require extremely high evaporation rates, ultra-stable concentrations or highest flexibility in flow rates, you will find your solutions within the VAPOR’BOT family of products.

VAPO‘BOT is available in three basic versions meeting different process needs and budgets. The system can also be adjusted very precisely to your requirements through a variety of available optional features.





SMART cabinets offer a cost-effective solution at prime quality standards, realizing best in class CoO (Cost of Ownership). The construction is optimized for economic efficiency without making any compromise to safety nor quality. Your SMART solution utilizes a bubbler system for evaporation.


Your PRO system is a bubbler based system for high volume manufacturing including an integrated refill system for seamless supply of precursor vapor, being able feeding multiple points-of-use. PRO stands for high process control and efficient evaporation for epi, CVD and ALD.


Your EXPERT solution is based on Direct Liquid Injection (DLI). Many years of field experience have proven that large evaporation rates require more advanced solutions than standard bubbling. SEMPA’s proprietary DIRECT VAPOR solutions ensure extremely efficient and reliable vapor supply. EXPERT is designed as central bulk vapor supply system, hence you are able to connect multiple points-of-use to one EXPERT system, making it the cost attractive multi tool fab solution.

CHEM’BOT options

Many additional features have been pre-engineered which makes it easy customizing your VAPOR’BOT to your specific requirements. Important options are our TOGGLE and concentration measurement modules. Those give you highest redundancy and  detailed process monitoring capabilities.

Call our experienced process engineers who will assist you with the evaporation of precursors for your innovative process.

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