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Semiconductor partnership

Exceed customer expectation by offering complete innovative solutions, from design, development and engineering to manufacturing and service by professional craftsmanship. SEMPA is semiconductor partnership.

The management team
Kurt Pietsch d
Dr. Jörg Koch d

from left: Dr. Jörg Koch, Kurt Pietsch

»I have founded SEMPA being a strong partner to our customers creating long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.«
Kurt Pietsch

Founder & Managing Director

Kurt Pietsch has more than 50 year’s experience in the field of semiconductors. The physicist also had a parallel education as locksmith supporting not only the theoretical but also the practical side. Before the 1990’s he worked in the micro electronic industry at VEB Mikroelektronik Erfurt and was responsible for planning and hook up.



When the wall came down he moved to Munich in 1990 joining PKM GmbH. The company was engaged in facility installations for the semiconductor industry. To support the growing semiconductor market in Dresden Kurt moved there in 1996 building up a subsidiary as managing director.

He grew the site very successfully from 20 to over 100 employees. Under his guidance the team worked on several multi million facility projects and got engaged in business opportunities way beyond the Dresden area. Having this as a basis Kurt decided in 2001 going own ways founding SEMPA SYSTEMS GmbH.

In the early days the main focus has been on gas installations and advanced gas delivery cabinets – putting all the experience into the design of highest safety and performing cabinet technology. Over the years the activity portfolio included liquid as well as solid precursor delivery systems. One next milestone was moving into an own build facility in 2014 establishing excellent conditions for the growth of the company. Kurt is acting as Managing Director for SEMPA.

Managing Director New Business Development

The PhD physicist Dr. Jörg Koch started his career in science at the Structure and Technology Research Lab of Philipps-Universität/Marburg. The main focus of his research was in the deposition and analysis of semiconducting materials. Within this time, project work on device development with Infineon Technologies was established.



In his later year’s he became specialized in the area of marketing, initially as manager in the Compound Semiconductor Division at Mochem, where he was responsible for the international marketing of novel process-chemicals for CVD applications, later as Technical Marketing Manager at Akzo Nobel. There his functions were primarily in technical marketing and sales support for high purity metalorganics, where he internationally launched several new products as well as joined development projects with customers to implement new technologies.

The integration of new process technology in high tech industries has been getting a key aspect of Jörg’s activities. Especially the design of precursor chemistry delivery and evaporation systems with focus on safety and highest performance. He is supporting this from the precursor side in his role as Managing Director at Dockweiler Chemicals.

Dr. Jörg Koch joined in 2011 and is responsible for new business development at SEMPA SYSTEMS.

»We are driven by the challenges of tomorrow, constantly striving for innovative solutions.«
Dr. Jörg Koch

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