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SEMPA Systems
We offer complete solutions: design,construction,commissioning, operation and service

  • Filter stations and stainless steel piping systems
  • Consumption measurements and quality controls for humidity, chemical contaminations and particles foreign substance and particles
  • Supply systems for compressed dry air
  • Installations for the production of forming gas, dopant gases and other gas mixtures
  • Gas cylinder removal systems, VMB, VMP for special gas solutions
  • Gas discharge systems for trailers and bundles of cylinders
  • F2 - systems
  • Container solutions as a "stand alone - application"
  • Dosing and mixing of gases
  • Hook up installations
  • Automatic control and monitoring of distribution systems
  • State-of-the-Art welding and testing procedures
  • Quality audits with sophisticated measurement methods
  • Gas detection
  • Calibration of gas supply systems
  • Design, construction and manufacturing of customized gas and chemistry supply solutions
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